The Barcelona of Hélène Peruzzaro, Author of Indie Guides Barcelona

When she’s not photographing the best of the international indie music scene, you can find Hélène Peruzzaro enjoying Barcelona’s cultural treasures and sweet, laid back Spanish lifestyle. Below, she shares a few of her favorite spots in and around Barcelona.

How does Barcelona influence your work?

With the financial crisis and impossibility of finding a job, entrepreneurial culture has really exploded here. People are staying busy, taking risks, and starting their own businesses. Everyone has a desire to create something. There’s really a lot of healthy competition, people share ideas and help each other out… It’s really inspiring and motivating!

Tell us about one of your guilty pleasures in Barcelona

Admiring the city from Bunker del Carmel with a beer and a few friends.  

What do you dislike the most about Barcelona?

The hoards of drunk tourists.

What would you miss most if you left Barcelona?

The parties and barbecues with friends on roofs and patios.

What is your favorite food/drink in Barcelona?

It’s not my favorite drink, but clara con limon is the drink I associate with the arrival of good weather in Barcelona, when the days start getting longer and people start meeting for drinks on the patio or having rooftop barbecues.

Where do you go when you want to escape the city, even just for an hour?

Ideally, Cadaqués and Cap de Creus. Otherwise, watching the sunset at Bogatell Beach in the winter.

Name a local artist everyone should know about.

Marina Colas. I’m totally in love with her work.

What song do you think best describes the energy of Barcelona?

Chris Cohen – Optimist High

What city do you dream of visiting?

Tokyo, and I’d like to do a long road trip through Japan, in general.

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Article translated by Andrea Perdue