Chicago: 5 Spots to Check Out with Musician Dan Rico

With his T. Rex groove and raw sound reminiscent of sixties rock, Dan Rico’s tunes are right up our alley. For the release of his new single Flesh and Bone on Shit In Can Records, Dan took a moment to share his favorite spots in Chicago with us.

Cafe Mustache

This place is a cafe by day and a bar by night. It’s basically the Le Chat Noir or Café Society of the Logan Square neighborhood. Artists and musicians congregate here from 7am to 2am to work, draw, discuss, drink, and dance. Not to mention the nightly happenings ranging from concerts to poetry readings and more.

2313 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

The California Clipper

This is a historic landmark in Humboldt Park – a super classic cocktail bar like something out of a David Lynch movie. Several nights a week, they put on some of the best jazz, soul, and world music the city has to offer. Sexy, sophisticated, but not at all stuffy, Clipper always offers a cheap cover and good times.

1002 N California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

The art InstitutE

The permanent collection at the Art Institute is world class. One of the best investments I’ve ever made is getting a yearly membership, which offers free admission all year long for yourself and a friend of your choice. If you are only able to stop by for a few hours, you might not be able to see everything and the price tag might be a little steep. But if you’re in town long enough and staying somewhere with Loop access, it’s a treat to visit often and get inspired. With work from Monet and Renoir to Dali and Magritte, Warhol and Jeff Koons, Ancient Japan and China, the Art Institute makes you feel transported. Lots of people (teachers, students, etc.) can get you in for free if you’ve got friends. Or look me up!!

111 S Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60603

Montrose Beach

One thing you may not know about Chicago is that the entire Eastern border of the city is beach. (Not so applicable in the 6 months of cold, but in the summer, there’s nothing quite like it.) One of my favorite beaches is Montrose Beach, with a great wooded bird sanctuary to walk around in, plenty of grass for a picnic or BBQ, and a great view of the skyline. Go to Montrose beach then grab some pho in Little Vietnam!!

4400 N Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60640

National Museum of Mexican Art

Nestled in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood (which is a destination in itself – a great area to walk around, talk to people, and enjoy some of the city’s best Mexican food), the Mexican Art Museum is a terrific free stop to soak up some culture and better understand the plights and contributions of Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and Chicano, Tejano, and revolutionary artists in the interlaced histories of Mexico and the United States.

1852 W 19th Street
Chicago, IL 60608

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Photo: Kelly Blackmon

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