For Christmas, Poulet Neige Is Giving Away 89 Albums from Quebec and Abroad

Could it be that Santa is from Quebec? For Christmas, Quebec label Poulet Neige is giving away free albums (don’t worry, it’s legal!) on mp3 by 89 artists from Montreal, Quebec and beyond. All you have to do is pick the ones you want and wait patiently for Christmas Day to receive your digital delivery!

We might be past the age of bouncing up and down in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, but there’s one Christmas tradition we’ll never outgrow. Every year, we just can’t wait for the Christmas list from Poulet Neige.

Since 2009, the Quebec label has been posting a list of artists to check out the entire month of December on the website Listen and choose the ones that strike your fancy (or even all of them!) and you’ll receive their albums in mp3 format by email on Christmas morning. The list features local music from Montreal and Quebec, with many songs sung in French. Some artists enjoy international renown, such as Montreal-adopted Apashe, while others are lesser known.

There is no limit to the musical styles on the list, so you’re sure to find something to your taste, whether you love pop (Andrian Teacher and The Subs), synth-pop (Anatole), electronic (Black Tiger Sex Machine, Latency Jarry, Smileswithteeth), electro-soul (Busty and The Bass), ballads (Chassepareil, Mathieu Bérubé), rock (Lesbo Vrouven, Les Indiens), folk (Désiré Renard), or jazz (MISC, SHPIK), and the list goes on. Some non-Canadian artists have also slipped into Santa’s bag, including French bands Bagarre, Jacques Jupiter, Syrto and Cliché and the Londoners from Hackney Colliery Band.

As for us, our Christmas list is already done! We’ve asked for electronic/hip-hop from 0010101, some lo-fi pop psych from Brave Radar, punk from Crabe, the karaoke mix-tape (!) from Navet Confit and electro-noise from Roche Oval. You have until December 25th to make your own!

Photo: Yes, the illustrations on their website are mind-blowing!
Article translated by Andrea Perdue

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