Playlist: 15 LA Rock Bands to Discover

For the release of Indie Guides Los Angeles, the bar/venue Ham & Eggs Tavern came up with a playlist of local bands with strong rock leanings for us. Listen here!

Ham & Eggs Tavern is pretty good at keeping its secret. It’s hard to imagine that behind these windows with traces of signage left over from a former Chinese restaurant, you’d find all LA has to offer for rockers and lovers of guitar riffs! And yet, on their little stage, up to four bands are on the line-up every single night. Along with the very prolific Ty Segall, a whole garage, surf and psychedelic scene has been emerging in LA. Discover the spirit of the scene with this selection curated by David Deluco, founder of Ham & Eggs Tavern.

00:00 Gal Pals – Ex-Marionette
03:06 Ty Segall – Manipulator
06:10 Hustle Roses – Sleepwalker
09:55 L.A. Witch – Heart of Darkness
12:27 Susan – Just Call It
15:29 Death Valley Girls – Electric High
18:57 Sex Stains – Oh No Say What
22:11 Summer Twins – Forget Me
25:26 Colleen Green – Pay Attention
28:10 Wild Wing – Underground Heaven
30:14 Terry Malts – I Do
32:32 So Many Wizards – Lose Your Mind

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Photo: Paul Narvaez