Playlist: Nope, the Finnish Don’t Only Listen to Metal!

Go ahead, name a Finnish musician…We have to admit the Indie Guides team had to think really hard to come up with one. The only names that came to mind were metal bands (and not ones we really like, either): HIM, Apocalyptica, Nightwish… Fortunately for us, Eetu Henrik Iivari, a Finnish guy who works as a sound engineer and musician for The Holy, has a much better understanding of the Finnish music scene! Ranging from kraut rock to electro-pop to hip hop, garage rock, folk, and dream pop, his playlist brings you the best of the alternative scene in Helsinki – and it’s just in time for the release of our new guide, Indie Guides Helsinki! Thank you, Eetu, for the musical education 😉

2. Lake Jons — My Friend
3. Mikko Joensuu — Closer My God
4. The Hearing — Rehersal
5. ViEW — Coldest Season
6. Hisser — Shifter (Super Silent Remix)
7. Superfjord — I Play With Flowers And Their Fragrance Clings To My Clothes
8. Canesten Kombo — Greetings From The Crematory
9. Delay Trees — Pause
10. Mirel Wagner — No Death

Photo: Lake Jons