Boston: Five Spots To Check Out With The Band Vundabar

Gearing up for the February 23 release of their new album “Smell Smoke,” Boston post-punk band Vundabar has just put out a new single entitled “Acetone.” To mark the occasion, the duo took a moment to share some of their favorite spots in Boston with us, from Cambridge to Allston.

Veggie Galaxy

A local diner-style vegetarian and vegan restaurant with booths and a bar. Down’n’dirty diner food. The type of place where you might find Guy Fieri. Alternatively, if you don’t want to engage in the hedonism of eating and the masochism of digesting their food, you can always hit up Life Alive; an organic spot down the street with wraps, smoothies and juices.

Veggie Galaxy, 450 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Life Alive, 765 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Cheapo Records

A really great discount record store. They’ve got tons of 3 for 5 deals. This is how Drew and I did our music shopping for the bulk of 2017 and we found some pretty fun stuff. Highlights include the fleeting 80s genre Cowboy Techno, namely Martini Ranch’s pop hit single “Reach”.

538 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Habanero Mexican Grill

Mexican food! Pupusas, tacos, fried plantains. Shirts that read “Let’s taco bout it”. Great puns great fun.

166 Brighton Ave, Allston

Mr. Music

Quaint local music shop in Allston. Relaxed staff, no one hassling you for those sales commissions. No “sup dood-aroonis”. It’s appreciated, thank you and bless you, Mr. Music.

128 Harvard Ave, Allston

Illegally Blind Presents

While this isn’t an actual place, it facilitates important spaces around Boston. Jason Trefts, the founder of Illegally Blind, has taken on the task of empowering and informing fledgling musicians around the city; booking and promoting shows and pulling back the veil between the musician and the inner workings of the industry. He’s taught me to think critically about the choices I make as an artist and has given me the tools to do so. Beyond that, he’s also an incredibly positive and uplifting spirit and does his best to bring people together. Illegally Blind 2018!

About Vundabar

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Photo: Tim Oxton
Article translated and edited by Andrea Perdue

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