Rock Band Annie Taylor’s Favorite Spots in Zurich

The band name ‘Annie Taylor’ is an homage to the first person ever to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. After spending countless hours perfecting their signature blend of pop, garage rock and psychedelic sounds, the Swiss foursome is ready to “take the leap,” so to speak, just like their namesake. After releasing a second single from their upcoming 2018 album, Gini, the lead singer, took a moment to tell us about some of the band’s favorite spots in Zurich. The accompanying illustrations are by Kevin Hoegger.

The Beast

The Beast ZurichThis is definitely one of our favorite spots in the city – imagine a DIY skatepark surrounded by little gardens, BBQ grills, and lots of good people. The Beast makes it sound like a hardcore place, but they call it that because of the narrow, red bowl. It’s a really tough one – the beast gets them all at some point! The location itself is perfect for escaping the rigid “Swissness” that sometimes seems to overtake Zurich. If you’re lucky and end up spending the 1st of August in Zurich (our national holiday), you’ll find one of the coolest parties here with fireworks, live music and lots of people skating.

Sportweg 25, Zurich

Langstrasse / Gonzo Club

Langstrasse ZurichYou’re going to end up at Langstrasse one way or another – it’s a magnet for anyone looking for concerts, beer, fun or a crazy party. This used to be the red-light district of Zurich, which is why you’re likely to find the women are very friendly if you linger too long on the street. A lot of nationalities come here, which makes the street an interesting mix of unexpected things. One of our favorite music spots here is The Gonzo Club. It’s rough, dark, sweaty, and you can’t leave until you’ve tried the “Hot Mexican shot.” A lot of cool bands have played this venue: Sugar Candy Mountain, Death Valley Girls, Feels, Tracy Bryant and many more. We also played there recently with L.A. Witch.

Gonzo Club, Langstrasse 135, Zurich

Limmat river

Limmat ZurichThe summers can be really hot in Zurich. A good way to cool off is to go swimming in the Limmat river. The water is crystal clear, and you can float down the river on an air mattress for hours and drink beer. If you just want to take a quick dip, the best way is to jump off the bridge at “Dynamo”. Dynamo is a big music venue right next to the river. Wolf Alice, which is my favorite band ever, played there last summer and posted a picture of themselves swimming there. If they like it, it must be good, right?

Dynamo, Wasserwerkstrasse 21, Zurich

Old Town District

Vieille ville ZurichIt might sound a bit boring and traditional, but we can’t write about our favorite spots without mentioning the beauty of Zurich’s Old Town (Altstadt). There is a lot of history to discover when you walk the narrow streets of Niederdorf (on the right bank of the Limmat river). If you go down Augustinerstrasse, you can admire houses that are hundreds of years old. And if you need a break from the shops in the area, you can stop by Lindenhof. It’s got the best view of the city, and on a clear day, you can see the mountains.

Rote Fabrik

Rote Fabrik ZurichSwitzerland is more than just mountains and chocolate. Make sure to take a ferry ride on Lake Zurich and then head to “Wollishofen” where you’ll find the legendary Rote Fabrik. The name “rote fabrik” is a reference to a red silk fabric named after red brick, but it is now a cultural center that is home to a theater, live music and open air markets. There is also a delicious (but pricey) restaurant here. At night, you’re likely to catch a live concert (sometimes right next to the lake), and the likes of Sunflower Bean, Warpaint, Kurt Vile and Sonic Youth have played here.

Seestrasse 395, Zurich

About Annie Taylor

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Artwork: Kevin Hoegger
Article translated and edited by Andrea Perdue

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