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Why is Madrid still living in the shadow of Barcelona? After all, it was in Madrid and not Barcelona that the famous countercultural movement “Movida Madrileña” emerged at the end of the 70s. Do not be fooled by its historical buildings and royal palaces: Madrid is anything but your classic museum city. The craziest nights still happen in the Spanish capital. And what’s more, here you can get immerse yourself in the nightlife crowds without the fear of encountering tourists everywhere you go!

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The author

Iván R. Cuevas is a filmmaker currently working for TVE (National Spanish Television). Despite the fact that he started out studying industrial engineering and ended up graduating as a teacher, he found his vocation filming documentaries. He spends his time teaching, playing in different indie bands, writing texts and helping others with writing, as well as managing a publishing house for children’s literature where the authors are kids. He likes cheese, exquisite cadavers, ouzo, entomology, and thinking that Leonard Cohen is immortal.