Nashville: 5 Great Spots Recommended by Musician The Sammy Hale Revival

Sammy Hale could be the long lost child of Father John Misty (if they weren’t so close in age!). Deftly blending folk rock, goth, doo-wop, and country, The Sammy Hale Revival is something of an American music history lesson dipped in lo-fi flavor. After living on both American coasts, Sammy recently settled in Nashville, the heart of country music, and he’s just released a new album, so we asked him to tell us about five favorite spots in his new city.

The Glass Mènage: Low-key house venue hosting eclectic shows

“House venue with a really cool stage setup and even cooler owners. A complete stranger can expect to be greeted by everyone like an old friend and just the overall atmosphere and sound beats most bars and venues I’ve been to. I’m always trying to go there when I’m free and there’s a show.”

Lynwood Ave, Nashville
Check their Facebook page to know the schedule

Tin Dog Tavern: Best bar for late night drinks and hazy memories

Tin Dog Tavern Nashville“No frills bar with cheap drinks and a cool mix of people. The owner Sean is laid back and lets people play whatever music they feel like. It also has tons of specials and a pool table. I’ve been there more than any other bar in the city.”

1401 4th Ave S, Nashville
+1 615 403 4734
Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to late, Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 3am

Graze: Delicious food that just happens to be vegan

Graze Nashville“My roommate is vegan, but luckily at this restaurant you don’t have to be to enjoy their food. Plus their mixed drinks are on point as well. My favorite dish there is the hot tempeh sandwich, it’s messy and spicy and tastes pretty much like the best gyro you’ve ever had. Highly recommended.

1888 Eastland Ave, Nashville
+1 615 686 1060
Tuesday to Friday from 4pm to 11pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 11pm

Twin Kegs: Popular spot for food and drinks among locals and tourists alike

“My place of employment, so I’ve got to give them a shoutout! Small bar with eclectic decorations, good food, and of course beer! You never know who’s going to walk into the place as it attracts bikers and celebrities alike. Known for one of the best burgers in Nashville, Twin Kegs also shares work by local artists on their walls and has live music regularly.”

413 Thompson Ln, Nashville
+1 615 301 8675
Monday to Wednesday from 11am to 10pm, Friday from 11am to 2am, Saturday from 12pm to 2am, Sunday from 12pm to 22pm

Exit/In: Historic venue that continues its legacy of putting on great shows in Nashville

Exit/in Nashville“Good place to see all types of music. I was just there to see The Growlers and had a great time. This place does not discriminate against any sounds, which I like because it makes me constantly check their website to see who they’ve got coming in next. It’s also been around since the early 70’s and pretty much everyone that’s big now has played there.”

2208 Elliston Pl, Nashville
+1 615 321 3340
Check the website to see the schedule

Check out two sneak peeks from The Sammy Hale Revival’s new album below

Photos: Courtesy of the places mentioned in the article

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