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Ahh Rome – the Eternal City! With its Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum and Sistine Chapel, the influence and heritage of great Italian artists is visible (and palpable) on every street corner. Yet in addition to the classic postcard images there is a vibrant modern-day culture to be found in the city’s many centri sociali. Rome’s tiny bars/venues and countless squats are the places that make up the true underground identity of the Italian capital. Are you ready to discover the other side of Rome?

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The author

Giacomo Cuva constructs, dismantles, renovates and shape texts written by others – a cultural stonemason, if you like. In short he is a translator, proofreader and editor, but he has also been a photographer, postman, warden, swimming companion, archive searcher and virtual soccer player. He likes quiet libraries, paprika crisps, peanut butter, no-frills bicycles, and the hustle and bustle of the small streets in Rome’s city center.