Cultural and alternative city guides for curious travelers

About Indie Guides


Indie Guides is the series of city guides we’ve always looked for and never found – guides that highlight the cultural, artistic and alternative scene of a city. A selection of iconic places overflowing with creativity, places launched by passionate people and on the margin of the mainstream, places with “oomph” that shape the true identity of a city: squats, small live music venues, undisclosed tiny restaurants and artists’ workshops-cum-boutiques that you won’t find in your standard guides.

Since we couldn’t find it, we finally decided to create it ourselves. Being musicians, we got in touch with artists all around the world we have met over the years, with friends, with friends of friends, with some people who have never written a guide before but who know their city like the back of their hand. They gave us their vision of their city – subjective, yes, but informed, honest and passionate.

The result is closer to a list of addresses scribbled on a piece of paper by a local you meet on a night out than a real tourist guide. No, the regular tourist neighborhoods are not necessarily covered; yes, some places are located outside the limits of the maps you can find in tourist offices. But there is a good chance that by following our recommendations, you’ll meet people and have experiences that will leave a real impression on your trip.

You’d like to reach out to us? Interested in writing with us? Awesome! Send us an email.