5 Places to Check Out in Lima, Peru With Musician Grita Lobos

Released in late 2017, Peruvian musician Grita Lobos’ album “Katalaxia” blends electronic music, guitars, and catchy beats to create a sophisticated, mysterious ambiance. From bars to clubs and street food, he takes us on a little tour of his favorite spots in Lima, Peru.

Lima is a huge city. There aren’t many buildings in its 43 districts, and most of the 9 million inhabitants live in houses in the suburbs. Some of the neighborhoods are a bit unstable and dirty, with bad public transportation. But even so, Lima is an exciting place full of colors and sounds, with a fantastic seaside boardwalk and loads of outstanding restaurants. Travelers with an interest in anthropology and urbanism will find Lima fascinating, especially if they are willing to risk venturing into the giant suburbs. If you’re interested in culture, music and the arts, there are three main areas to explore: Downtown Lima (the historic city center built by Spanish conquerors 450 years ago), Miraflores (the upscale, cosmopolitan district) and Barranco (a picturesque neighborhood with lots of artists).

Here are a few of my favorite spots:

Piano Bar Munich

This is a decadent bar in the basement of an old building. Their regulars include art students, musicians, local employees grabbing drinks after work, lovers and heavy drinkers. There’s plenty of beer, good cocktails and cheap wine. The live piano music has been played by the same pianist/percussionist for many years. And they play anything from traditional Peruvian music to Led Zeppelin. The bar is located in Downtown Lima, where you can also try a Pisco Sour at the former luxury hotel Gran Hotel Bolivar, enjoy a drink and traditional dish at Cordano (a tavern next to City Hall) or see an independent band play at Vichama Rock Bar.

Jirón de la Unión 1044, Lima


Barranco is the best neighborhood for going out in Lima. It has plenty of mainstream bars and lots of lovely little crappy dives. DaDA is a newer bar located in a big old house with two different spaces. Outdoors, you’ll find Peruvian yuppies sitting on the patio listening to Latin pop music. Inside, you’ll find a big room with high ceilings, lots of art on the walls, and foreigners standing around drinking beer and wearing shorts and sandals. Occasionally, they have a DJ playing soul, funk, electronic and rock music, or live independent bands playing. Personally, I prefer the indoor area.

San Martin Av., 154, Barranco


Peruvian cuisine is really great, but good restaurants are expensive (some of them are insanely expensive). Bao? is a great spot for original, tasty and addictive sandwiches. The prices are not too high and they also have Asian beer on the menu. Even though the décor resembles a food truck, you’ll still see a few people dressed up inside. But if you feel like going in your pajamas, you’d still be welcomed with a smile.

José Domingo Choquehuanca St., 411, Miraflores


El Tizon

Une publication partagée par Lucia (@lucia.x) le

This is a small bar where people dance even though there’s no dancefloor. The space is about the size of a three-car garage and it’s usually packed. If you’re looking to have an intense night of drinking and dancing with loud music until 3am, this is the spot. The music is great (classic rock, reggae, electronic, cumbia), the beer is cheap, and the people are friendly. Just keep in mind it’s not easy to get in if you arrive late.

Nicolás de Piérola Av, 148, Barranco

Nebula Club

If you want to dance to 80s synth-pop, goth-rock and post-punk, this is the place. The age range is more toward 35-45, but younger people are very welcome. You won´t find hipsters here. Anyone is welcome as long as you pay for a ticket (but honestly, they’ll let you talk them down on the entry price). 1am is the best time to go. This place is very dark, so no one cares if you dance badly or feel like playing air guitar. You can also check out Eka Bar and Koka Kinto if you’re into Depeche Mode, The Smiths, New Order, The Cure, etc.

Gonzalez Prada St., 194, Miraflores

About Grita Lobos

Grita Lobos’ YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/gritalobos/videos
Grita Lobos’ Bandcamp: https://gritalobos.bandcamp.com/
Grita Lobos’ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gritalobos/

Photo: Janice Smith-Palliser
Article translated and edited by Andrea Perdue

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