The Best Places To Go Out In São Paulo

We might be tempted to tell you that São Paulo nights are some of the craziest in the world…but we’d be forgetting that the party never ends in Brazil’s biggest city! Follow us into the heart of São Paulo’s nightlife with these four great spots to go out.

Espaço Zé Presidente: Headquarters for Night Owls

Located in the very vibrant neighborhood of Vila Madalena, Espaço Zé Presidente sets itself apart from the other numerous bars and clubs in the area. With its tagged walls, concerts and DJ sets, this raucous two-story club draws in lovers of underground culture, samba, jazz, and alternative music (anything from ska to trap and punk, depending on the night). The party often flows out into the street and nights here are long and lively. Wondering what the “Zé” in the name means? It refers to the owner’s dog, who you’re likely to see roaming around among the partiers!

Rua Cardeal Arcoverde, 1545 – Pinheiros, São Paulo

Hangar 110: São Paulo’s punk/hardcore temple

Welcome to São Paulo’s temple of all things underground. Opened in 1998, Hangar 110 was created by Marco Badin, member of one of the country’s most cult punk rock bands, Anarcólatras. As a musician, he was particularly sensitive to how hard it is for underground bands to play in good conditions. So for the last eight years, he’s been hosting local and international punk/hardcore acts and providing an excellent space for them to play.

Rua Rodolfo Miranda, 110 – Bom Retiro, São Paulo

Alberta #3: The best modern and throw back rock shows

Word to the wise: Alberta #3 is in fact a reference to the two songs Alberta #1 and Alberta #2 by Bob Dylan. And it comes as no surprise, this is one of São Paulo’s favorite rock clubs! Hit up the basement from Wednesday through Sunday to enjoy one of the best rock DJ sets in the city. They agenda also includes other genres, from hip-hop to new wave, soul, and more. Some of the regular parties include “Club dos 30” with a more retro sound and “Rocks Off/Rocks On” playing rock from the 1960s to today.

Av. São Luís, 272 – República, São Paulo

Milo Garage: If you wanna dance all night

Previously located Rua Minas Gerais in Higienópolis, Milo Garage has since moved to Avenida Pompéia. But all the ingredients that contributed to its success are still there: a great space for dancing, DJs spinning the crème-de-la-crème of current indie, hip-hop and rock, and a minimalist, raw decor, with tags and graffiti all over the walls. One word of advice: come early if you don’t want to wait in line!

Av. Pompéia, 1681 – Vila Pompeia, São Paulo

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