Photos: 10 Days in Tokyo

We decided to drop anchor in Tokyo for ten days so we could (finally) meet Indie Guides Tokyo author, Sawako, in the flesh and explore all the nooks and crannies the city has to offer. Check out the photos below to get a little taste of our trip!

Tokyo isn’t a city that reveals itself easily to visitors, but if you’re lucky enough to be guided through its maze of little streets, you’ll find the best of the city is tucked away in its most intimate corners. We ate the best curry in the city in a tiny shop no bigger than a closet; saw shows in venues as big as our living room; sipped sakes with a musician and future sake sommelier; discovered the eccentricities of the Japanese underground music scene; rubbed shoulders with Japanese actors in a late-night izakaya; danced to hip-hop at a b2b DJ set that felt like a party among friends; met Japanese people pleasantly surprised to see us off the beaten path, and the list goes on. In short, we can’t emphasize it enough: Go discover Tokyo as soon as possible, and let Indie Guides Tokyo show you the way!

Discover Tokyo with our city guide Indie Guides Tokyo dedicated to cultural and alternative locations in the city.

Photos: Anne Le Gal and Milk & Fruit Juice