Playlist: The Toronto Music Scene through the eyes of Austra’s Dorian Wolf

For the release of Indie Guides Toronto, bassist Dorian Wolf of Toronto band Austra, has prepared a playlist bringing you the best of the current local alternative scene. Listen and explore below.

In case you haven’t noticed, Toronto bands just keep popping up on the front page of all the music mags: Broken Social Scene, Peaches, Death from Above 1979, The Weeknd, Crystal Castles and also Austra! This synth pop band from Toronto even made it onto the prestigious New York Magazine’s Top 10 Albums of the Year when they released their very first album in 2011. So we asked Austra’s bassist, Dorian Wolf, to curate a playlist of all his local favorites. With the likes of Diana, Weaves, Tasseomancy, Moon King, and more…Dorian highlights a few of the most exciting Toronto bands of the moment!

00:00 – Weaves – Tick
02:54 – Tasseomancy – The Grass Harp
08:33 – Omhouse – Moon Eye
12:58 – Hush Pup – Hisyo’s Jungle
16:13 – Moon King – Impossible
20:45 – Zoo Owl – Twin Mirror
24:16 – DIANA – Born Again
28:09 – Katie McBride – Saul
32:32 – Triple Gangers – Warpaint
37:04 – a l l i e – Yemi’s Song
40:12 – Petra Glynt – Murder
43:30 –JindaLee Lehmann – Sleep it Off
46:44 – Luka – Forget the Birth, Let’s Skip to the Faith
50:25 – HSY – Feeder
53:40 – Our Founders – White Beetle

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Photo: Kate Young