A new online magazine in celebration of our first birthday

For one whole year now, we’ve been inviting you to discover cities all over the world through the lens of alternative and underground culture with Indie Guides, our series of city guides for mobile phones. Thirteen guides later, we decided we would like to create even more opportunities to share our discoveries with you by creating this online magazine, where we will publish all our favorite spots in cities that haven’t come out in the app yet, and we’ll also be able to share stories with you that don’t fit easily into the city guide format. Most of all, we hope to make this a beautiful space for experimentation and sharing so you can discover artists and creative initiatives throughout the world!

In our first year, we also received many emails (thank you!) from enthusiastic readers wanting to take up their pens and tell stories about their cities, their experiences, and the way they see alternative and underground culture. This magazine also belongs to all of you. Don’t hesitate to send us suggestions for topics, and please contact us if you would like to contribute.