Indie Guides Los Angeles is now available

As an immense city sprawling out over nearly 500 square miles, Los Angeles can be difficult to grasp for a newcomer. But if you’re willing to look beyond the flashy bars, pristine beaches, and the star-paved Hollywood Walk of Fame, the city reveals itself to contain many thriving cultural communities.

That’s the Los Angeles, far from all the clichés and bling-bling, we invite you to discover with IndieGuides LA, the fourteenth city to join our series of cultural and alternative city guides. Written by Andrea Perdue, a musician splitting her time between LA and San Francisco and between music, writing, and translating, this guide highlights the stars of tomorrow, their culture, their creative spaces, and hangouts. In the warehouse art spaces of LA, a new generation of artists and musicians is forging a new and ever-evolving identity for the city. Let yourself get a bit lost, leave your biases behind, and enjoy the quirkiness Los Angeles has to offer…

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Photo: Ryan Vaarsi