Playlist: 15 Portland Bands You Should Know

For the release of Indie Guides Portland, the local scene’s charming boutique and flagship label Tender Loving Empire has curated an eclectic playlist of ethereal folk, light pop, and psych rock. Listen and enjoy!

When we asked Tender Loving Empire to whip us up a playlist, we got not only one, but three in just a few days, and nearly fifty songs from multiple staff members. That just goes to show the wealth of Portland’s independent scene, not to mention the Tender Loving Empire team’s enthusiasm for talking about their local musicians. We’ve selected 15 tracks to check out below, but we highly recommend you keep it going by checking out Tender Loving Empire’s website.


00:00:00 Y La Bamba – Cara Cara
00:03:36 Little Star – Being Close
00:06:55 Candace: New Future
00:11:46 Minden – Sheila
00:15:06 Animal Eyes – Mushroom Hunter
00:19:18 Cat Hoch – Look What You Found
00:23:35 Tango Alpha Tango – People
00:28:47 New Move – Dont Wanna Lose
00:32:47 Máscaras – Going Home
00:36:33 Domestics – It Came To Me
00:40:02 bed – Wayward
00:43:27 Wooden Indian Burial Ground – Sad Mutations
00:46:50 Woolen Men – Temporary Monument
00:50:40 Radiation City – Foreign Bodies
00:54:31 Haley Heynderickx – Drinking Song

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Photo: Jaclyn Campanaro for the band Minden