The Bogotá Music Scene from Z to A

Ever since they opened three years ago in Bogotá’s Zona Rosa neighborhood, RPM Records has showcased a wide range of local bands as part of their “RPM Sessions.” One of the record store owners, Julián Correcha, shares some of his favorite bands from the sessions with us below.


“We are convinced this band will be the next big name to come out of Bogotá’s indie scene. Combining Camilo Zúñiga’s production skills and Delfina Dib’s incredible vocals, Zyderal takes us on what feels like a shamanistic journey through dub and electronica. 100% recommended.”


“Whites brings the power of math rock and screamo to their expertly concocted instrumental ambient songs. Even better, the power trio gives their live shows everything they’ve got, and you won’t be able to help but smile if you see them play.”

V for Volume

“This power-pop/alternative rock group has been around since 2008 and made big waves in the local scene before taking a break in 2012. In 2016, they made a major comeback with a new album entitled “Gravity.” The band is led by the impressive and powerful vocal stylings of María José. V for Volume has been, and continues to be, a major band of reference in the local scene.”

Two Way Analog

“Two Way Analog is an Americana band fronted by Daniel Jones – a legend of Bogotá’s indie and alternative scenes since the 1990s. Their sound calls to mind the desert highways and heartbreak. Their first two albums are classics, and the newest one will take on the theme of Route 66.”

TSH Sudaca

“TSH Sudaca opens up a world of possibilities with his acerbic hip-hop lyrics that are both brilliantly critical and subtle at the same time. He even goes so far as to rap about geometry! His second album, “Equilátero” is a real delight.”

La Paralela

“La Paralela is a group of architects and designers who make post-punk music in their free time. Their expertly made tunes remind us of Bowie, Bauhaus, and The Cure. On stage, they are a real breath of fresh air. And you might recognize their vocalist from the iconic synth-pop band Estados Alterados.”

Oh La’Ville

“Oh La’Ville is without a doubt one of the most exciting bands in the Bogotá scene, especially if you count their live shows, which are truly an otherworldly sonic experience. Their EP “Un Desfile de Esqueletos” is an absolute must-listen. Powerful stuff.”

Los Niños Telepáticos

“Chaos suddenly makes perfect sense in this project filled with talented musicians. Their sound blends themes like partying, alien abductions and a good sense of humor with jazz, psychedelic vibes and poetry. Los Niños Telepáticos are also the founders of the annual “Festimugre” festival, which features indie musicians from all over South America.”

Nina Rodríguez

“Nina Rodríguez is a good ol’ pop musician like we like ‘em. The production quality of “Heroína” is impeccable and the album goes down smooth from beginning to end. There’s no doubt we’ll be hearing more from Nina for years to come.”


“This band is a local supergroup led by bassist Santiago Botero, who is affiliated with the “La Distritofónica” label and festival of the same name. Botero is known for seeking out sounds that challenge the listener. Mula started out as a jazz ensemble drawing inspiration from cumbia, punk, hardcore and noise. But their latest album “Resilente” takes the sound even further, wandering far from the sounds we’re used to hearing in Colombia.”


“Post-rock that gets better every time you listen to it. This band got their start in 2012 and totally captivated us with a smattering of singles and one EP. We want to hear more!”


“Mitú is a duo made up of Julián Salazar and Franklin Tejedor. They bring together two elements that we haven’t seen people experiment very much with in the local scene so far: traditional Colombian beats mixed with contemporary sounds like electronica. The result is tailor-made for the dancefloor, boasting fresh beats and enchanting female vocals.”

Mëlmak 69

“This trap-inspired hip-hop packs a punch with expertly written lyrics and a big dose of real talk, composed by MC XarXuplex and produced by DJ Pho, one of the best DJs in Colombia. They’ve really been taking off the last few months and we’re sure they’ll go far!”

Los Makenzy

“Los Makenzy is a Delta bluesy rock n’ roll group comprised of two brothers. The duo recently transformed into a trio and we’re pretty sure nothing can stop these virtuosos from taking over the world now. Their edgy ballads are sure to give goosebumps to anyone who dares dive into the Los Makenzy world.”

Electric Mistakes

“Bogotá’s garage rock scene made it onto this list thanks to Electric Mistakes. On their debut album “Chavela”, Juan Hernández (guitar) and Laura Perilla (drums) tackle themes like love, heartbreak, and anger. The talented and noisy duo are perfect together and we couldn’t be happier.”

Diamante Eléctrico

“Diamante Eléctrico is currently one of the most active bands in the local alternative scene, which is a tribute to both their talent and independence. They’ve got a very classic rock n’ roll sound, and we can’t get enough.”

Main photo: Andres Casas
Article translated by Andrea Perdue

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